The Temple's booking policies tend to be standard to most venues. Though, unlike many clubs, we do not require bands to sell tickets, guarantee a certain amount of paying customers, etc. The only thing we urge is for bands to promote their show as much as possible.

We book primarily punk & hardcore shows at The Temple, occasionally booking ska, metal or rock. Please be aware of this before you send us material.

You may send us any material you have recorded, no matter how bad the quality. We believe in giving new bands a chance to play, so we do not want to exclude anyone from sending us music. We will give your music a listen as soon as we can. Please e-mail or call us approximately 2 weeks after you have sent your music so we can discuss booking possibilities.

Of course, this is not the only way to get booked. We have built our venue based on loyalty, support and care. The more you or your band supports The Temple, the more we will do to support you. Come down to shows to talk to us, invite us to practices or other performances. A tape or CD is not the only way to get noticed. Recommendations from booked bands help greatly as well.

If you are in a band SPECIFICALLY in Brooklyn, please e-mail Jordan immediately.

We try to help out any bands that are coming through the area regardless on how well-known they are. You may send us any material you have recorded and e-mail/call us approximately 2 weeks after your music has been sent. We can then discuss booking possibilities.

The best way for us to book your touring band is for you to e-mail us your band name, city/state of origin, short description of music including influences, bands you have played with, or any other pertinent information you'd like to share. The most important things we need is a PHONE NUMBER and EXACT DATES which you need shows. We will store this information in our database and contact you immediately if we are booking a show on that date.

Realize that 95% of our shows take place on Saturdays or Sundays, so we may not be able to help bands out with shows on weekdays, but send such dates regardless, for we never know what will pop up.

You may get all of our contact information on the 'contact' page.